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Fitness Center and Wellness

Awaken your senses.

Join us at one of our fitness classes at the gym or in the pool or simply relax. Come and try one of our various beauty treatments. Since the chocolate or sea plants wrap, through the various relaxing and therapeutic massages. We also have for you a wide range of services in the field of beauty treatments.

Take care of yourself, take a little gift to yourself or for a friend.

This area also has at your disposal: 

Heated indoor pool


Turkish bath


Treatment and massage room




Cozy familiar space where you can release your body and your mind while practicing physical activity and improve your well-being. We thought about you and your family as our activities and services are for everyone. We crossed generations and we already have 17 years of experience. Each day is a new opportunity to change your life. Move for your health ... We're here to help. Because your health is the most important.


This training aims to improve the physical condition, by performing constantly varied functional exercises performed with high intensity.


An intensive class in terms of toning and muscle definition, which in a calm and concentration environment aims the execution of movements respecting the anatomical curves of the spine and respiratory coordination.


Class held on stationary bikes, the sound of motivating music while define the pace and simulate various routes (uphill, downhill and flat floor). 


Muscular endurance class affecting the lower limbs: Buttocks, abdominals and legs. Promotes muscle tone and elimination of fat.

Water Aerobics

It is an exercise that combines aerobics, located and relaxation practiced in the water. The natural resistance of the water increases the effort required in performing the movements but does not offer the danger of injury.

+ 60

Functional training class aimed at people over 60 years old. It aims to improve the physical and mental well-being, joint mobility and physical condition. Prevents sarcopenia and osteopenia.


Lecture held in the gym with the help of machines and additional weights that favors the development of muscular strength and endurance through well targeted training, based on individual goals.


HIIT stands for "High Intensity Interval Training" which means "Training with High Intensity Intervals". This type of training is a combination of periods of very intense physical activities with lighter periods. The high intensity periods will speed up the metabolism, initiating the process of fat burning.

25 min

25 min training with primary objective to promote cardiovascular workout. Quite intense workout due to its short working time.


Fun and varied class allowing the work of strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. This class works several muscle groups in one exercise, due to the contraction needed to control the body and keep the balance on the ball.

Classes for children

Adaptation to the aquatic environment (babies 6-36 months)
Swimming class (3-10 years old)
Psychomotor (2-5 years old)
Ballet (3-10 years old)


In addition to all the services that the Health Club provides, in favor for your health, we also have available nutrition appointments. These aim to tailor balanced nutritional plans, based on your body composition, objectives and energy needs. This will help to make your dietyou’re your lifestyle healthier by creating new habits in order to help control your weight and prevent the onset of disease.

Horário Funcionamento Health Club: 09:00 às 19:00, todos os dias.
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