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This website belongs to OCTUR, S.A. which owns the exploration of Hotel Apartments Vila Petra (hereinafter referred to as “Vila Petra”), a legally constituted Portuguese company, registred in CRC of Albufeira with the number 00923/900628, with the VAT number 502374730, based in Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque, Areias de São João, 8200- 356 Albufeira, Portugal. The content of the website is directed solely at consumers who book the product through Vila Petra (hereinafter referred as “you” or “your”). Access to the Vila Petra website is strictly controlled by Vila Petra. You are given the ability to obtain information on accommodation and make reservations, subject to the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions displayed on the website, in accordance to the prices, rates and conditions of cancellation displayed at the moment of booking. The website will guide you through the booking procedure. Any booking that you make through this website is conditional on you accepting these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy from Vila Petra. The Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy form an integral part of our website and cannot be separated from the general contracting conditions. By visiting, using or ordering from website, you expressly consent and agree to be bound by the Terms and all applicable laws and regulations that govern this website and your booking. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms, you must not proceed with your booking. If you have an urgent query, please contact our Reception. The telephone numbers are given on the website and in your booking confirmation voucher. You can also use the contact form provided on the website.

1. Modification of Website and General Terms and Conditions

Vila Petra may make improvements or changes to the information, elements, data, services, and other materials on this website, or terminate this website, at any time without notice. Vila Petra may also modify the Terms at any time, and any such modification shall be effective immediately upon the posting of the modified Terms on this website. Accordingly, your continued use of or access to this website will be deemed to indicate your acceptance of the modified Terms. Vila Petra may suspend access to this website, due to maintenance works, net security reasons or Act of God, with no obligation to reimburse or compensate you for the period in which access was suspended.

2. How to Book and Contract Service via the Website
Contracting Procedure

The contracting of services via this website shall be undertaken using the following procedure: Select your dates, type of apartment and supplement board. You can make a booking in the following ways: 1. Contacting our Reception. 2. Following the step-by- step booking process online whenever possible.

During the procedure, you will be requested to provide personal information such as your name, surname, and credit card details. Such information shall be treated in compliance with European Directives 95/46 and 2002/58, as well as any other such legislation that substitutes, complements and develops the Personal Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter PDPR) and will be used to process bookings and payments made in your request. Ensure that the data provided is correct. In addition, you will be asked to provide information necessary to carry out payment, which will have to be made by credit card through a payment gateway specifically established for this purpose. You give your consent by clicking on the ´Book´ button at foot of the page on which you are requested to provide payment details. Such confirmation will be sent electronically to Vila Petra, who shall be in charge of storage and conservation to guarantee the process. Confirmation of the purchase by a service provider implies, in any case, the binding of a contract and the undertaking by you to pay the established amounts. Once you have given your consent, a page will open confirming the purchase and you will receive an e- mail containing information in this regard.

No Handwritten Signatures

Given the nature of online transactions, you hereby acknowledge the impossibility of signing the letter of payment, understood as the document by means of which consent is normally given to a transaction. For this reason, you accept not to sign any electronic transaction generated as a result of booking via the Vila Petra website. The person who fills in the booking form on the website must be authorised to do so in the name of all the members of the group travelling together and must confirm that all members accept the booking conditions. Furthermore, this person shall be responsible for the total cost of the reservation, including cancellation or amendment charges, and shall inform the other members of the group of the confirmation details and other pertinent details relating to the booking. Following the booking of the product via the website, Vila Petra will confirm the booking by e-mail and will send a voucher for you to print out and hand in on arrival. For security reasons, Vila Petra may require the signed authorisation of the credit card holder. Should Vila Petra fail to receive this signed authorisation, for any reason, Vila Petra will consider the booking invalid and will cancel the booking. The request for signed authorisation is designed to protect the cardholder from possible misuse of the credit card used to make the booking with Vila Petra, and to verify that you are the cardholder.

3. Legal Age and Responsibility

You attest to being of legal age and have full legal capacity and sufficient authorisation to make bookings. To confirm the booking, you must have the consent of all persons named therein, as well as the authorisation of the parents of any persons under 18 years of age that are taking part in the booking. Upon carrying out the booking, you confirm that all persons named have accepted the present conditions, and that you will assume responsibility for informing all persons named in the booking with regards to relevant details and other pertinent details relating to the booking. Booking a reservation renders you responsible for any payment related to it.
You hereby guarantee that all the personal information provided in the process of reservation and registering for the service is correct. Likewise, you accept the financial responsibility for all transactions made in your name or via your bank account. Thus, personal information shall be understood to include, but not be limited to: any telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses of residences, signatures, ID or passport copies, credit card details, personal preferences, disabilities, or any special dietary or religious requirements or any other personal information related to you or your group that may be relevant for the completion of your reservation.

4. Included in the reservation

The basic accommodation cost includes the following:

  1. Any services as stated on your reservation booking voucher.
  2. All obligatory accommodation establishment service charges and taxes.
  3. VAT

The basic accommodation cost does not include:

  1. Additional charges for rooms, meals, that are not stated to be included in your booking.
  2. Charges that we may make for facilities such as sauna, Turkish bath, massages, tennis and squash courts and equipments, etc.

COTS: Please advise us at the time of booking if you require a cot or high chair.

5. Payment Details

At the time of your booking, a three nights deposit will be deducted from your credit card. Payment transactions on the website are encrypted by a secure payment system This technically secure environment ensures that credit card details cannot be intercepted and are not revealed to anyone other than to financial institutions required to process payment instructions from the customer. Our payment system currently accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. Amex

In order to confirm the payment, a signed authorization from the cardholder may be needed, as stated in paragraph number two of the General Conditions. For any queries that you may have, please contact our Reception. The telephone numbers are given on the website and in your booking confirmation voucher. You can also use the contact form provided.

6. Modification or Cancellation of accommodation reservations

You can contact our reception regarding any modification. Modifications including, but not limited to, a partial cancellation, amendment or reduction in number of nights, within the timescale that cancellation fees apply, can be subject to a fee.


You may cancel your reservation at any time on the website. During the booking process, you will be notified of the cancellation fees that apply to your reservation, as well as the period for them to be applicable.
In the case of confirming a booking, you thereby accept the applicable costs regarding the aforementioned concepts. Upon confirming the booking, you will be informed of the various costs, in accordance with the required notification date for cancellations. Please note that cancellation deadlines are based on the time and date of the destination where your stay is booked, and not on the time and date of the country where the reservation was made. Cancellation is not permitted through the website on the day of arrival, and therefore any such cancellation should be done by contacting our reception. Cancellation charges are dependent upon the policy of the hotel and can reach up to 100% of the total price. Reservations may be cancelled by either party with no penalty whatsoever in the event of Act of God, such as, without restriction, war, revolution, acts of terrorism, closure of borders, epidemics, catastrophes or other causes that seriously affect us. In the event that Vila Petra, at its own discretion, considers that a booking has been made fraudulently using a certain credit/debit card, the booking shall be cancelled by Vila Petra.

Failure to Honour Booking (No Show)

If you do not show up at the accommodation on the arrival date stated on your booking voucher and a cancellation had not been previously made, you or any member of your party will not be entitled to any refund.

7. Promotions and Discount Codes
Discount Code

A discount code may be understood as the right to a discount or special price under specified conditions.

How to use a Discount Code?

A discount code may only be used on our web page. A promotional discount code may be used on our website, upon request through the reservation process; the code will have to be entered when you make your booking. Discount codes are not to be used together with other promotions. A discount code may not be used for bookings made at a previous stage. Any balance remaining following the use of a promotional code, may not be transferred or drawn.

Can Vila Petra Cancel or Refuse to Redeem a Discount Code?

Vila Petra may at any time cancel, withdraw or refuse to redeem a discount code if Vila Petra reasonably believes that a code is being used unlawfully or illegally. You agree that you will have no claim against us in respect of any such cancellation or rejection. Should Vila Petra not apply the use of a promotional code as part of a booking, for whatever reason, Vila Petra shall inform of the correct cost of the booking before charging the payment to give you the opportunity to confirm the booking and accept the terms.

Limitation of Liability

In the event that Vila Petra cancels, withdraws or refuses to redeem a Discount Code, we do not accept liability for any direct or indirect damages, including lost profits or the like.
A promotion is the right to a discount or special rate for the booking of a reservation during a specified period of time (the period in which the promotion is valid), according to certain conditions. It may also be a reference to a promotional code or discount code.

8. Deposit

Vila Petra reserves the right to charge a deposit at check in time which will be fully reimbursed at check-out except in the following cases:

a. Destruction of property
b. Damages
c. Disturbance of other guests due to your inappropriate behaviour
d. Extra cleaning

9. Insurance

You are strongly advised to contract adequate travel insurance prior to arriving to your destination, which should cover, amongst other things, personal losses and all medical and material costs in the event of an accident or illness during the trip.

10. Act of God

Vila Petra will not be liable for any changes or cancellations effected on your booking, or for any loss or damage suffered by you arising from any failure to properly perform any of our respective obligations to you, if the non-performance is caused by events classified as Act of God. By way of example, Act of God includes, but is not limited to, war, revolutions, acts of terrorism, closure of borders, epidemics, natural catastrophes or other causes that seriously affect both parties, as well as other unforeseeable causes beyond Vila Petra’s control.

11. Complete Booking/ Modification / Independent Booking

These General Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. If any of these conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining conditions will remain valid. Any invalid or unenforceable condition will be deemed superseded by a valid and applicable condition that conveys the same meaning.

12. Legislation and Courts of Jurisdiction

The application and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by current and applicable Portuguese Legislation. In the event of any discrepancy which may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions, the parties, with express waiver of any other court of jurisdiction which might apply, if any, shall abide by the Jurisdiction and Competence of the Courts of Portugal.

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